Give Your Marketing Plan An Overhaul For 2018

Give Your Marketing Plan An Overhaul For 2018

As we approach the final quarter of the year there is no better time to take stock of your marketing efforts to date and plan for 2018.

Take a good long look at what has worked, and what hasn’t worked to date. Only then can you make the right decisions on your marketing mix.

No matter what your plans are, such as launching a new product range, increasing brand awareness or increasing your sales portfolio now is the time to grasp the nettle.

Here are some top tips to help you get it right in 2018:

  1. Everything’s mobile

Smart phones, mobile tablets, your customers at every level use them for business and pleasure. And, on average people own at least two mobile devices.

Make sure all your content is mobile compatible, especially your web site and associated sales platform.

  1. Interact

The days of just placing adverts and hoping are well and truly over – the evidence was clear in the past two years. Success means engaging with your customers as a now vital part of the marketing mix.

It needs to make your customer want to visit your platforms, and you reap the rewards through sales and data about your customers preferences.

Surveys, infographics, free digital content, video guides and competitions all help.

  1. Immersive events

Events need to be interactive, digital and ‘net immersive. They’re not just about turning up for a day or two and ‘pitching’ but about an immersive experience.

You’ll need a dedicated hashtag for Twitter so attendees can take part in a live conversation, online surveys and live feedback.

And, after the event make sure you provide all the digital materials for download including videos and presentations.

  1. Go Live!

It has never been easier to stream live content thanks to the tools now available on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Live streaming works for events to build excitement around future event and also better engage with attendees.

Video allows you to connect with audiences and convey emotions and brand messaging in a totally different way to a story posted online

  1. YouTube

When it comes to product demonstrations and ‘how to’ Youtube is the go to resource. No matter what you want to showcase make sure you have your own channel on Youtube to demonstrate advantages, how to use products and guides.

  1. Personal

Never ever forget the person in your marketing. You are trying to connect and must always segment your content to reach different types of audience members based on their preferences, habits, etc. In such a busy world of messages, news and noise, by keeping it personal your brand will stand out.

  1. Data

You need to gather as much data about customer’s habits and needs. This means you can have a dynamic, fast-reacting marketing plan that can be tweaked as you learn more about all your present and future customers.

It’s more than just clicks – it’s about watching return on investment, what channels work best and what ones need to be given a back seat.

The future is bright and by choosing the right technology, tools and tricks your business could engage and reach new and current customers in a more creative and meaningful way

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