Victoria Square VIP Student Night

Victoria Square VIP Student Night


Belfast’s leading shopping and leisure complex Victoria Square wanted to raise the bar and increase engagement and interaction at their famous VIP student event.

The Victoria Square team wanted to create even more atmosphere and buzz and tasked Media Lab with creating a brand activation that increased engagement during the exclusive night of student offers.



Following discussions with the team at Victoria Square and our own customer insights, Media Lab created a unique brand activation that would directly engage student shoppers.

The buzz around the one off discounts and freebies available during the night was further amplified by the activation that tapped into the student’s love of selfies and social media.

Working with the Victoria Square team, Media Lab created a bespoke photobooth that would entice and engage the student VIPs.The bold and striking booth was designed to reflect the youthful demographic of customers and Victoria Square’s on-trend profile.



  • More than 200 students were treated to the ultimate VIP experience with the chance to strike a pose in the branded photo booth
  • Each ‘poser’ had the chance to interact with the Victoria Square brand as well as personalise their experience with our exclusive signature feature
  • The social media sharing facility extended Victoria Square’s social media reach and raised further awareness of the VIP student night

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