Magners Brand Activation

Magners Brand Activation


Leading cider brand Magners NI wanted to close their 2017 summer of music events with an unforgettable brand activation that connected them more closely with their target audiences.
Magners NI wanted to use the Cocoon event at Ebrington Square, Co Londonderry as a way to directly engage and Media Lab were the only choice for the brand that had sponsored a series of concerts across Northern Ireland, but were unable to engage with customers through product sampling.


Leveraging our extensive events’ experience and in depth customer insights from our discussions with Magners NI, Media Lab set about creating a unique brand activation in the VIP area at Cocoon.
Media Lab amplified the buzz of the event with an interactive guest experience using our exclusive branded Selfie Mirror. Maximum brand exposure was ensured with a prominently positioned Forbidden Flavours’ Selfie Mirror that featured an exclusive festival themed backdrop as well as bold, Magners branded props for additional product exposure.


  • More than 100 of Magners target consumers visited the Cocoon Magners VIP text and were immersed in the Magners brand through Media Lab’s creative custom experience.
  • The Forbidden Flavour’s Selfie Mirror allowed music fans to see out the summer with a special selfie that created a lasting memory for fans and a brand legacy for Magners.
  • Cliodhna Mulhern, Elevator Promotions said “The Media Lab Selfie Mirror gave us the opportunity to enhance Mangers sponsorship with Cocoon, gaining exceptional brand exposure when product sampling was not available. The activity drove consumers to the Mangers VIP and engaged them in a new, fun experience from the brand. Getting to take home their very own selfie courtesy of Mangers was the ice on the cake.

“The team at Media Lab were professional from start to finish and the creativity and recommendations just keep coming. We are delighted to be running 2 additional events with them in September”.


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