The ‘benefit’ of a brand activation for a product launch

The ‘benefit’ of a brand activation for a product launch

Valued at over £12billion the beauty and personal care market in the UK is thriving. As new and established brands continue to fight for their market share, how can they really stand out?

Of course, the quality of the products will always be essential but the real winners will be those who know how to position their brands and market themselves to relevant audiences – The ‘Insta’ generation.

With today’s consumers increasingly looking to visual social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram for beauty inspiration. Unsurprisingly, beauty brands are turning away from traditional advertising and onto digitally-focused marketing in order to capture their attention.

With this in mind, digital content marketing has exploded for cosmetics and beauty brands and no one is standing still! Here is how we recently helped Benefit with their Roller Lash Stash launch:

One reason behind Benefit’s domination of this space is its shrewd digital marketing activity, which includes: Influencer marketing, consumer sampling and product launches with a twist!

The recent Roller Lash Stash launch seen benefit utilize influencer marketing and Media Lab Boomabooth to engage their customers and drive digital user generated content.  

Benefit wanted VIP guests and influencers to have that photo shoot experience and Media Lab designed and developed a customised photo marketing experience that would allow guests to capture that feeling we have when we look our very best.

Media Lab’s creative team worked with Benefit to fully understand their objectives and delivered a brand activation worthy of the selfie generation.

The hip Benefit brand and new product was reflected in the Roller Lash Stash branded digital booth that allowed guests to take as many Instagram-friendly pics, GIFs and boomerangs as they could, using a range of filters as well as the ability to personalise the images with the product, kisses, lashes and much more.


  • A fully branded wrap of the kiosk
  • Creating an interactive and exciting experience with branded animated screen to entice users to interact with the brand
  • Guests choose from multiple experience options: still photos, create GIFs and boomerangs
  • Custom branded template designs for full brand awareness when shared on social media
  • Guests easily customised their own experience by using branded digital props and filters to enhance campaign content creation
  • Guests created something amazing by using the branded backdrop to transport them into their very own photoshoot
  • A customised disclaimer was used so that guests must agree too before sharing content, making all data collected GDPR compliant
  • A Premium data capture functionality, which captured important data analytics Benefit
  • Guests shared their branded experiences through text messages or email by simply entering their phone number or email address
  • Direct sharing to Instagram was also available
  • Event photos were uploaded to a customised online gallery. Where they were shared to Facebook or viewed as a live feed.


In just 3-hours Benefit seen the benefit of using the Media Lab Boomabooth at their launch event:

  • Over 300 guests used the experience alone or in groups
  • 211 choose to share their digital content creation
  • 120 email and telephone numbers were collected for remarketing
  • The campaign reach over 4,000 on Instagram
  • Benefit received over 500 images, GIFs and boomerangs to utilise on their own digital platforms

The best experiences in life are shared, it’s time reimagine your marketing tools, for the digital and social age. Contact our creative team for some inspiration today.


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