Marketing trends this coming Spring and Summer

Marketing trends this coming Spring and Summer

While we prepare for the dark nights of deep winter smart marketing professionals are already planning and organising their strategy and tactics for Spring and Summer 2018.

It’s set to be a revolutionary few months with electric cars becoming more affordable, a predicted wi-fi hotspot for every 20 people, the internet of everything, and more radical concepts such as the hyperloop transport system opening up in the USA.

But, there’s no need to stay glued to tech websites to keep up when marketers can think smarter by planning, using the tools that have worked before and what consumers respond to.

It’s the season of weddings, garden parties, barbecues and all types of special celebration here are the four marketing trends that will keep your business ahead of the game.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means simply finding a person of influence to big up your brand and share their experience of it with their fans, viewers, audience, and so on, in the hopes that others will be encouraged to pursue the same company. Influencer marketing is on the rise because and it’s all about trust. Recommendations from respected people go a lot further than ever before. Call it a special testimonial.

Engaging With Consumer Interests

The cult of the selfie still endures and the popularity of taking selfies still is huge. It’s become a large part of events and celebrations. This is a perfect example of how marketers can engage existing consumer interest. Media Lab have bespoke photo experiences for hire, modernising the traditional photo booths with advanced technology to capture the all-important moments in a fun way. It’s taking what people want and pushing it one step further.

Interactive Marketing

People want more than something on their smart phone or their tablet. Gone are the days of reading content, or listening to content, now you can do both and can event interact with it. Multisensory experiences that engage and entertain are a new, strong and well tested marketing tool. Media Lab offer selfie mirrors for hire, an even more modern take on social photography. Guests can even autograph their full length selfies, touch up their pictures and play games!

All About Video

The popularity of YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms is growing massively amongst all ages proving people are bored of static content. Something that moves is far more interesting and likely to grab someone’s attention than something still. With that in mind, Media Lab have found a way to add animation to events, using a Gif Pod, which guests can use at events to take photos and create their own gifs. Tying in with the interactive side of things, this creates a moving atmosphere that is destined to entertain.

Now it’s time to take your spring and summer marketing up a level – contact the team at Media Lab for some inspiration!


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